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Inside-Out Civic Education & Empowerment

Our inside-out civic education and empowerment program is peer-led and developed collectively by our inside and outside organizers. The program helps foster the innate leadership skills of incarcerated activists by demystifying the process of proposing and enacting legislative, policy, and administrative code changes, as well as movement building.

In addition to our curriculum, Look2Justice sends in a regular newsletter to our network of hundreds of incarcerated people in every prison across Washington State. The newsletter provides updates about relevant legislation and insight into how to participate in the legislative process.

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    The 101 Series & Session Questions

    The 101 series is a monthly workshop where people with incarcerated loved ones and allies learn about the legislative process and movement building. In addition, during the legislative session we hold weekly Session Questions, where loved ones of incarcerated people can ask questions and receive updates about the legislative process.
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