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Thomus has first hand knowledge of the juvenile-to-prison pipeline. After serving time in juvenile detention at the age of 17, he came out worse off than he went in. Juvie was a place where he, a decent student and athlete, ended up learning all new lessons about gang life and how to be a “better” criminal, from his new peers and role models– and where counselors commonly gathered all the kids up to tell them how the majority of them were going to end up in prison as adults.

Thomus ended up in prison with a life sentence a month after turning 21, and a little over a year after being released from juvie. During his time down Thomus has turned from the prison life towards self improvement through volunteer programs and higher education.

His truest passion is in creating art. He volunteers with Bears From Behind Bars, The Native American Regalia program, and the Dog program. Using his natural artistic abilities to create bears, airbrush outfits, and make and design dog collars and leashes.

He is also a member of the Concerned Lifers Organization, a self-improvement course facilitator, and a mentor. Thomus is currently working towards his AA Degree. 

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